Product Manuals

Below are manuals for current Unidata products next to the product numbers they apply to.

Model ManualModel Manual
2013F2013F Neon Metering and Remote Modules6507E & 6535A6507E and 6535A Temperature Probes
6508A6508A SDI-12 Temperature Sensor
2016F2016F Neon Remote Terminals6526J6526J Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler Instrument
2017F, 2019F, 2020F & 2021F2017F, 2019F, 2020F & 2021F Neon Remote Terminals Ethernet6527A6527A Starflow QSD SDI-12 Instrument
2018F & 2022F2018F & 2022F Neon Remote Terminals Inmarsat Satellite6526LCD-C6526LCD-C Display Module
2103F2103F NRT FTS 6528A & B6528A pH and 6528B ORP Sensors
2104E2104E NRT FTS6529-1, 6529-2 & 6529-36529 Evaporation Monitoring Systems
2500E2500E Neon Display Unit6533A6533A Wind Monitor Instrument
2502A2502A Neon Camera Module6536E & 6536P-2-X6536E Conductivity Instrument and 6536P-2-X Probe
2504E2504E NRT HSIO Display Unit6539B6539B Humidity and Temperature Probe
3004M and 3001M
3000NRL Range
6122C6122C Microwire6541C6541C Precision Water Level Instruments
6308B6308B-AUE Starlog V4 Software6542D6542D Hydrostatic Water Depth Probe
6412A6412A SDI-12 Tester6543A6543A Protocol Converter
6506C6506C Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge6904I & 6912D-126904I Solar Panels and 6912 Controllers
6506G & 6506H6506G & H Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge7422A7422A Oxyguard-Probe

Below are manuals for superseded Unidata products next to the product numbers they apply to.
Superseded ModelSuperseded ByManual   
2015F2015F Neon Remote Terminal Globalstar Satellite
2023E3004B-MI2023E Neon Remote Terminals Lite Inmarsat Satellite
6004D3008A6004D Starlogger Range
6103E, 6107B, 6114A, 6141A and 6144A6103E Starlogger FTS and I/O Modules
6118B6118B Universal Counter Module
6525B6525B 4-Channel Relay Control Module
7001D3016A7001D Prologger
7100E , 7121A and 7121C7100E Prologger FTS and I/O Modules
8010C3004A-M0008010C Micrologger

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