Product Manuals

Below are manuals for current Unidata products next to the product numbers they apply to.

Model ManualModel Manual
2018F & 2022F2018F & 2022F Neon Remote Terminals Inmarsat Satellite6526J6526J Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler Instrument
2103F2103F NRT FTS 6527B and 6537A6527B and 6537A Starflow QSD SDI-12/MODBUS Instruments
2504E2504E NRT HSIO Display Unit6526LCD-C6526LCD-C Display Module
3016,3008,3004 and 3006,3004M and 3001M3000NRL Range6528A & B6528A pH and 6528B ORP Sensors
6122C6122C Microwire6529-1, 6529-2 & 6529-36529 Evaporation Monitoring Systems
6308B6308B-AUE Starlog V4 Software6533A6533A Wind Monitor Instrument
6412A6412A SDI-12 Tester6536E & 6536P-2-X6536E Conductivity Instrument and 6536P-2-X Probe
6506C6506C Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge6539B6539B Humidity and Temperature Probe
6506G & 6506H6506G & H Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge6541C6541C Precision Water Level Instruments
6507E & 6535A6507E and 6535A Temperature Probes6543A6543A Protocol Converter
6508A6508A SDI-12 Temperature Sensor
6904I & 6912D-126904I Solar Panels and 6912 Controllers
7422A7422A Oxyguard-Probe

Below are manuals for superseded Unidata products next to the product numbers they apply to.
Superseded ModelSuperseded ByManual   
2013F3004MC2013F Neon Metering and Remote Modules
2015F3016 or 30082015F Neon Remote Terminal Globalstar Satellite
2016F2016F Neon Remote Terminals
2017F, 2019F, 2020F & 2021F2017F, 2019F, 2020F & 2021F Neon Remote Terminals Ethernet
2023E3004MI2023E Neon Remote Terminals Lite Inmarsat Satellite
2500E2500E Neon Display Unit
2502E2502E Neon Camera Module
6004D30086004D Starlogger Range
6103E, 6107B, 6114A, 6141A and 6144A6103E Starlogger FTS and I/O Modules
6118B6118B Universal Counter Module
6525B6525B 4-Channel Relay Control Module
6527A6527B6527A Starflow QSD
6542D6542D Hydrostatic Water Depth Probe
7001D30167001D Prologger
7100E , 7121A and 7121C7100E Prologger FTS and I/O Modules
8010C3004-M0008010C Micrologger

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