Pyranometer Sensors

Models 7241C and 7241M

  • Overview

    The high output 7241C-A pyranometer / solar radiation sensor is a compact sensor for solar energy measurements. It compares favourably with thermopile sensors at a lower price point.

    The sensor features a fully potted, domed-shaped head making the sensor fully weatherproof, self-cleaning, and impervious to thermal-based accuracy fluctuations. The pyranometer sensor is calibrated against precision
    reference thermopile sensors in natural light conditions.

    This generation sensor head design includes:

    • – Built-in amplifier
    • – Self-cleaning dome-shaped head
    • – Excellent cosine response
    • – Potted solid to withstand extreme and humid conditions, and reduce thermal-based accuracy fluctuations
    • – Calibrated silicon-cell photodiode sensor accurate to ±5%, under clear sky conditions
    • – Easily integrates with Unidata Starlog loggers and Neon Remote Terminals

    The 7241C-E pyranometer technology combines the advantages of the reference cell and broadband thermopile pyranometers. Compared to the reference sensors it has proper cosine response and it is relatively compact. It benefits from the same characteristics as a PV module i.e. response time, spectral and temperature response.

    The ML-01 is an industrial-grade solar sensor specially made for performance ratio measurements as well as irradiance measurement applications for the meteorological, agricultural and environmental studies. The compact dimensions of the sensor body make it easy to integrate within any application using it with or without mounting plate. For global horizontal measurement applications, the sensor can be mounted in a horizontal position with the standard removable mounting plate with a spirit level and levelling feet.

    The Mono-Silicon detector, with UV resistant diffuser, gives a cosine response also at low solar elevation angles. Besides the effects of soiling or water deposition on top of the diffusor will be minimized due to the cone shape geometry.

    Unidata can provide a mounting assembly that is ideal for mounting radiation sensors/ pyranometers.
    Radiation sensors must be optically levelled to ensure repeat measurements are accurate and to ensure for repeat measurements are at the same level orientation to the sun.

    Radiation sensor mounting assembly includes a levelling unit fitted with a bulls eye as well as a mounting arm and mounting hardware for poles to a maximum of 60mm diameter.

    environmental monitoring pyranometer sensor mounting assembly 7241M

  • Specifications

    7241C-A pyranometer

    Physical Specifications

    Size: Dia 24mm x 27.5mm tall, IP68 Can be submerged under water up to depths of 30m
    Weight: 90 grams with 5m of cable
    Operating temperature: -40°C to 70°C. Not affected by humidity.

    Electrical specifications

    Power Supply: 5 … 24 VDC
    Typical current consumption: 300µA
    Outputs: 1 analog 4mV per 1W/m2
    Sensitivity: 2.0mV/m2
    Non-stability: less than 2% per year
    Non-linearity: less than 1% up to 1750W/m2
    Response Time: less than 1ms
    Spectral Range: 360nm to 1120nm
    Directional Response Error: ±2% at 45° and ±5% at 75°
    Cable: 5m of 3 core cable

    7241C-E pyranometer

    Physical Specifications

    Size: Dia 22mm x 28.5mm tall
    Weight: 90 grams with 5m of cable
    Operating temperature: -30°C to 70°C. Not affected by humidity.

    Electrical specifications

    Power Supply: None
    Outputs: 1 analog 0-100mV
    Sensitivity: 50µV/Wm-2
    Non-stability: ±2% per year
    Non-linearity: less than 0.2% at 1000W/m2
    Response Time: less than 1ms
    Spectral Range: 400nm to 1100nm
    Directional Response Error: less than ±5% for 0° to ~80°
    Cable: 5m of 3 core cable

    7241M Pyranometer Mounting Assembly

    Physical Specifications

    Material: Powder coated aluminium
    Size: 190mm x 101mm x 120mm (LxWxH)
    Weight: 700grams
    Mounting: Set of two 60mm U-bolts and saddle clamps

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    7241C-A Pyranometer Sensor High Output with 5m of Cable
    7241C-E Pyranometer with 5m of Cable
    7241M Radiation sensor mounting assembly

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