Surface Water Monitoring

Application Background

Local authorities often need to monitor surface water / surface flows which are captured and used to supplement irrigation water for a region. Surface water monitoring systems provide local authorities with valuable information to help achieve water self-sufficiency. This should lead to better designed storm water irrigation schemes to alleviate water loss, salinity and flooding problems. Information would also assist local authorities and communities in minimising the use of scheme water to irrigate sporting facilities and other local parks and gardens.

Application Detail

Many areas suffer shortages of irrigation quality water because traditional surface water catchments are no longer reliable or groundwater sources have become saline.
Local authorities are increasingly turning to schemes which collect storm water from streets, roofs and hardstand areas. Water from these ready-made high yielding catchment areas can be harvested, stored and recycled for watering ovals or sports grounds.

Surface water monitoring systems provide a more accurate picture of yields and water qualities, and assist local authorities in planning for water shortfalls and future irrigation needs. Such systems would include a measure of water depth, flow velocity, temperature, pH and electrical conductivity. When runoff events occur, these measurement systems can assess how much water flows along drains which collect water from streets, roofs and other hard surfaces found within towns.
The low salinity, low sediment runoff collected would be ‘fit for purpose’ water, meaning it was suitable to use, for example, as an irrigation supply. However, the water would not be fit for human consumption. Even if used only for watering the town sports grounds, parks and gardens, this would be of enormous benefit, as in many shires these areas generate the greatest demand for town water.

Surface water monitoring equipment measures surface water quality and quantity and transmits the information via cell phone or satellite to a central Neon Server where it can be analysed to make meaningful water management decisions. Such systems may include instruments to measure water flow, water depth, water quality for example electroconductivity and pH in small open channels and storm water drains and channels. Surface water movement may also be monitored into and out of small dams and ponds in agricultural areas.

For large pipes and small open channels, an ultrasonic velocity and depth meter can be used to measure occasional flows (during rain periods for example) and also test the water quality of such occasional flows.

Typical Configuration

Options for Application Specific Instruments / InputsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Ultrasonic Doppler SDI-12 Instrument - velocity, depth and temperature6527Starflow QSD Ultrasonic Doppler SDI-12/MODBUS Instrument
Water Level Instrument6541D-11WLI with 500mm Pulley & Alk Batt Metric (Imperial version available)
Float6541F-115WLI Float - Cylinder 115mm (other options available)
Float Line6541D-MWLI Beaded Floatline Metric (Imperial version available)

Options for Neon Telemetry - NRL / NRT / RTU / Field UnitsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Industrial (Metal Enc) Neon Remote Logger 16 Channels3016Options Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Inmarsat, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Industrial (Metal Enc) Neon Remote Logger 8 Channels3008Options Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Inmarsat, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Industrial (Metal Enc) Neon Remote Logger 4 Channels3004/3006Options Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Neon Remote Logger (Polycarbonate Enc) 4 Channels M Series3004M/3006MOptions Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Microsatellite, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Equatorial Orbit Satellite - Inmarsat2018F-AB0-1 or 3NRT Ethernet with single or triple Ethernet Ports with three Li Batteries
NRT Field Termination Strip2103F2018F and 2022 NRT FTS
NRT Firmware Option2303A-8M8M Extended Memory Option
NRT Firmware Option2303A-8M-CAM8M Extended Memory & Serial Camera Option
NRT Firmware Option2303A-CAMSerial Camera Option

Options for Neon Application Software - Customer ServerUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Application Software2302ANeon Server Software Licence Incl 5 NAL
Neon Application Software2302A-10Additional 10 NRT Access Licences
Neon Application Software2302A-20Additional 20 NRT Access Licences
Neon Application Software2302A-50Additional 50 NRT Access Licences

Options for Neon Application Software - Unidata ServerUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Application Software2301ANeon Data Initial Subscription Setup Fee
Neon Hosting Service2301A-01Neon Data Service Fee for 1-50 NRTs
Neon Hosting Service2301A-02Neon Data Service Fee for 51-100 NRTs
Neon Hosting Service2301A-10Neon Data Service Fee Metering

Options for Conventional Dataloggers / Field UnitsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Remote Logger 16 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3016-00016 Ch NRL (Superseded Prologger 7001D)
Neon Remote Logger 8 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3008-0008 Ch NRL (Superseded Stalogger 6004D)
Neon Remote Logger 4 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3004M-0004 Ch NRL (Superseded Micrologger 8010C)
Starlog V4 Management Software6308A-AUEStarlog V4 Full Licence Key