Weather Monitoring

Application Notes

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) guideline no.8 defines the measurement requirements for weather stations. The WMO also defines stringent measurement requirements for a standards compliance weather station, called a Tier 1 weather station. For example, the WMO specifies that all wind measurements must be made at a height of 10 meters, which makes the installation inconvenient.

Weather Monitoring

General purpose weather stations which do not fully comply with the WMO guidelines are called Tier 2 weather stations as there are compromises made for convenience, for example wind may be measured at a height of 2 meters rather than 10 meters.

As a general rule, weather authorities may have a base set of tier 1 weather stations which are quite expensive, and they also have a second set of Tier 2 weather stations to supplement measurements, or may be used on a short term / project by project basis. For special purposes, for example a mine site / port facility would typically install a Tier 2 weather station, rather than a fully compliant Tier 1 weather station.

There are also some consumer grade / hobby store weather stations which may provide interesting and inaccurate weather data to home users however these are usually not calibrated and the data cannot be relied on.

Application Detail

Unidata’s Weather Monitoring Stations have a broad range of applications depending on your choice of instruments and configuration.

Unidata-Weather Station

When considering a weather station purchase, most customers will decide to set up a Tier 2 weather station. Customers then have the choice of using standalone / separate instruments, which was the only choice some years ago, or a modern multi parameter instrument such as the Unidata 6501V-H (Vaisala) or other manufactures such as Luft.

Weather Monitoring Display

Modern multi parameter weather stations use ultrasonic technology and are very convenient as they do not have moving parts.
Please see a typical parameter list from the 6501V-H Vaisala Weather Transmitter below:

  • Wind Speed – Average
  • Wind Speed – Maximum (Gust)
  • Wind Speed – Minimum
  • Wind Direction – Average
  • Wind Direction – Maximum
  • Wind Direction – Minimum
  • Rainfall
  • Rain Duration
  • Rain Intensity
  • Hail
  • Hail Duration
  • Hail Intensity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • 8 Derived channels- e.g. running totals, min max average
Unidata Satellite Mine Site Environmental Monitoring System

One of our simplest Weather Stations consists of temperature and humidity sensors mounted in a double-louvered radiation screen. These are connected to a data logger or Neon Remote Terminal or Module mounted in a weatherproof enclosure.

environmental monitoring weather transmitter 6501V

A system more often required includes instruments that enable you to monitor and record temperature, relative humidity, global solar radiation, and wind speed and direction. The data logger or Neon Remote Terminal or Module will measure, store and display weather data for about one year using its internal battery (this period will vary according to configuration). The weatherproof enclosure also includes a field termination strip that makes it easy to connect external instruments and enables you to condition incoming signals.
Remember that the instruments you add increase the power burden, so you will need to add a solar panel, external batter, and regulator, or some other form of external power supply. Typically our customers choose to mount the instruments and data logger or Neon Remote Terminal or Module enclosure on a fixed pole. However Unidata can also supply a pole with a tripod base for installations that will not be permanent.
Because many of our customers install the Weather Station in remote or unattended locations most customers choose to use a Neon Remote Terminal, either cellular, satellite so the data collected can be sent to a central neon server and displayed on a standard web browser from anywhere in the world.There is an example screen display from the Neon Application showing typical displays for weather stations.
Installing telemetry reduces the need for time consuming site visits, and gives assurance that the weather station is continuing to operate correctly without the need for a site visit.
Note that when using telemetry you will need to provide external power such as a solar panel, external battery and regulator and use a larger waterproof enclosure.

neon software demo

Typical Configuration

Options for Application Specific Instruments / InputsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT5206501V-HVaisala Weather Transmitter measure barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation,
temperature and wind speed and direction
Temperature Thermistor Probes6507ERed Thermistor Probe 3K@25C with requested cable lengths
Linear Temperature Probe6535ATemperature Probe LM34 with requested cable lengths
Humidity and Temperature Probe6539BHumidity and Temperature Probe
Rain Gauge6506CRain Gauge/Tipping Bucket
Mounting Arrangement for Temperature Probes6704ARadiation Gill Screen and Mounting - Full Size
Mounting Arrangement for Temperature Probes6704BRadiation Gill Screen and Mounting - Half Size
Radiation Sensor7241C-APyranometer Sensor – Solar Energy
Mounting Arrangement for Pyranometers7241MPyranometer Sensor Instrument Mounting and Hardware
Options for Neon Telemetry - NRL / NRT / RTU / Field UnitsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Remote Logger 16 Channels3016AOptions Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Neon Remote Logger 8 Channels3008AOptions Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Neon Remote Logger 4 Channels3004AOptions Available: 3G/4G Cellular
Neon Remote Logger 4 Channels M Series3004A-MOptions Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Microsatellite, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Cellular RTU 3G/4G2013F-AB03 / 2013F-AB04Neon Metering Module 3G/4G with Antenna and Li Battery
Cellular RTU 3G/4G - Industrial2016F-AB03 / 2016F-AB04Neon Remote Terminal 3G/4G with Antenna and Li Battery
Low Earth Orbit Satellite Globalstar2015F-AB0NRT Satellite Globalstar Modem with Antenna and three Li Batteries
Ethernet2017F-0B0-1 or 3NRT Ethernet with single or triple Ethernet Ports with three Li Batteries
Equatorial Orbit Satellite - Inmarsat2018F-AB0-1 or 3NRT Ethernet with single or triple Ethernet Ports with three Li Batteries
LCD Display2500ENRT LCD Display
NRT Field Termination Strip2103F2015F,2016F,2017F, and 2018F NRT FTS
NRT Firmware Option2303A-8M8M Extended Memory Option
NRT Firmware Option2303A-8M-CAM8M Extended Memory & Serial Camera Option
NRT Firmware Option2303A-CAMSerial Camera Option
Options for Neon Application Software - Customer ServerUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Application Software2302ANeon Server Software Licence Incl 5 NAL
Neon Application Software2302A-10Additional 10 NRT Access Licences
Neon Application Software2302A-20Additional 20 NRT Access Licences
Neon Application Software2302A-50Additional 50 NRT Access Licences
Options for Neon Application Software - Unidata ServerUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Application Software2301ANeon Data Initial Subscription Setup Fee
Neon Hosting Service2301A-01Neon Data Service Fee for 1-50 NRTs
Neon Hosting Service2301A-02Neon Data Service Fee for 51-100 NRTs
Neon Hosting Service2301A-10Neon Data Service Fee Metering
Options for Conventional Dataloggers / Field UnitsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Remote Logger 16 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3016A-00016 Ch NRL (Superseded Prologger 7001D)
Neon Remote Logger 8 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3008A-0008 Ch NRL (Superseded Stalogger 6004D)
Neon Remote Logger 4 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3004A-0004 Ch NRL (Superseded Micrologger 8010C)
Starlog V4 Management Software6308A-AUEStarlog V4 Full Licence Key