Air Quality and Dust Monitoring

Application Background

Environmental compliance obligations to limit dust and monitor air quality are becoming more stringent. Weather Stations which monitor temperature, rainfall, humidity etc are common. Weather authorities provide public information on these parameters. A local Tier 2 weather station can be set up to specifically monitor specific industrial areas.

Application Details

There is also a need to monitor air quality and dust levels as well as weather parameters in industrial areas.
Factories and industrial plants need to monitor dust levels on an immediate needs basis, to close down operations when levels exceed the regulatory limits. Local authorities themselves may also need to monitor air quality generally to alert local residents of any immediate unsafe conditions.
These organizations also need to complete weekly / monthly/quarterly reports on environmental compliance generally, and to determine long term trends.

There are several brands of dust / particulate monitoring instruments and systems. One such brand is the Dust Track monitor, which provides an automated, regular dust measurement.
Typical systems would be set up on the site, perhaps at central and perimeter locations within the industrial area with a solar panel and battery to make the installation easier and to ensure there is a battery backed-up power supply, so measurements are maintained in the event of a primary power failure.

Combining a Dust Monitor Instrument and a Neon Remote Logger allows factories and industrial plants to maintain dust compliance and to alert operators of any out of limit dust condition.
There may also be a requirement to monitor the weather in the area using Tier 2 weather station equipment to record the ambient conditions, especially wind speed and direction, so there is good knowledge of the general wind conditions to make sure dust and other emissions from the plant are not being carried by the wind to areas of population, such as a local town or city.

There may be the need for one Tier 2 to be installed at the plant and at each perimeter fence of the facility to get a good reading for the local area. These systems are usually enclosed in a rugged housing, and mounted on a pole with a solar / battery power source and a Neon Remote Logger to obtain readings from the Dust Track and routinely (5, 10, 15 minutes) send that data to a central Neon Server.

Alarms can be set up to immediately notify authority by email or text of any out of limit condition. Long term routine data can also be examined to determine any long term trends with dust conditions at the site, and to also provide for a long term store of the routine data, to assist with environmental compliance requirements.

Typical Configuration

Options for Application Specific Instruments / InputsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT536
measures barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature
and wind speed and direction
6501V-HVaisala WXT536 Weather Transmitter RS232/422/485 SDI-12 With Bird Spikes
Dusttrack II Aerosol Monitor 8530-Dusttrack II Aerosol Monitor 8530

Options for Neon Telemetry - NRL / NRT / RTU / Field UnitsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Industrial (Metal Enc) Neon Remote Logger 16 Channels3016Options Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Inmarsat, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Industrial (Metal Enc) Neon Remote Logger 8 Channels3008Options Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Ethernet, Inmarsat, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Industrial (Metal Enc) Neon Remote Logger 4 Channels3004/3006Options Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Neon Remote Logger (Polycarbonate Enc) 4 Channels M Series3004M/3006MOptions Available: 3G/4G Cellular, Microsatellite, Iridium SBD and LoRa
Equatorial Orbit Satellite - Inmarsat2018F-AB0-1 or 3NRT Ethernet with single or triple Ethernet Ports with three Li Batteries
NRT Field Termination Strip2103F2018F and 2022 NRT FTS
NRT Firmware Option2303A-8M8M Extended Memory Option
NRT Firmware Option2303A-8M-CAM8M Extended Memory & Serial Camera Option
NRT Firmware Option2303A-CAMSerial Camera Option

Options for Neon Application Software - Customer ServerUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Application Software2302ANeon Server Software Licence Incl 5 NAL
Neon Application Software2302A-10Additional 10 NRT Access Licences
Neon Application Software2302A-20Additional 20 NRT Access Licences
Neon Application Software2302A-50Additional 50 NRT Access Licences

Options for Neon Application Software - Unidata ServerUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Application Software2301ANeon Data Initial Subscription Setup Fee
Neon Hosting Service2301A-01Neon Data Service Fee for 1-50 NRTs
Neon Hosting Service2301A-02Neon Data Service Fee for 51-100 NRTs
Neon Hosting Service2301A-10Neon Data Service Fee Metering

Options for Conventional Dataloggers / Field UnitsUnidata Part NumberDescription
Neon Remote Logger 16 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3016-00016 Ch NRL (Superseded Prologger 7001D)
Neon Remote Logger 8 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3008-0008 Ch NRL (Superseded Stalogger 6004D)
Neon Remote Logger 4 Analog Channels / Touch Screen Display3004M-0004 Ch NRL (Superseded Micrologger 8010C)
Starlog V4 Management Software6308A-AUEStarlog V4 Full Licence Key