Linear and Thermistor Temperature Probes

Models 6507E, 6535A

  • Overview

    The Thermistor Temperature Probes are designed for many applications of temperature measurement like air, water, soil, snow, ice, etc. They are fully sealed and can be used in fresh and sea water to a depth of 30 metres.

    The thermistor temperature probes use a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor as their temperature sensor. The NTC thermistor is a high quality, precision curve matched element. Its operating temperature is from -100°C to 150°C.

    Consult the table of ranges below to determine which probe and reference resistor will best suit your project. The last listing is the theoretical maximum. Due to the type of cable being used the measurement range of the standard thermistor temperature probe is from -30°C to 100°C. Higher temperature values are quoted as a guide only.

    Both models 6507D & 6507E offer improved accuracy (±0.1°C) and are ideally suited to measuring temperature profiles in water.

    Temperature Ranges – Models 6507D & 6507E with 15k Reference Resistor

     Starlogger 6004DPrologger 7001D
    Minimum Temperature-9°C-40°C
    Resolution: 0.1°C
    Max Temperature:
    Resolution: 0.2°C
    Max Temperature:
    Resolution: 0.5°C
    Max Temperature:
    Resolution: 1°C
    Max Temperature:

    For example, if you use a Model 6507E with the standard 15k reference resistor connected to a Starlogger and you require 0.5°C (or better) resolution, then the usable temperature range will be -9°C to 70°C. And the maximum theoretical temperature able to be registered would be 200°C, although the probe is not suitable for temperatures above 150°C.

    The Linear Temperature Probe is used for measuring temperatures between -17.8°C and 100°C. It outputs a DC voltage, the value of which is directly proportional to temperature. This temperature probe is especially useful with the Standard Starlogger 6004D-1, Display Starlogger 6004D-2 and Prologger 7001D-1 since they can only display linear formulae.

  • Specifications

    Specification 6507D6507E6535A
    Accuracy ±0.1°C±0.1°C±0.6°C
    Stability ±0.08°C change over
    1000hrs (0-60°C)
    ±0.08°C change over 1000hrs (0-60°C)±0.4°C, over 1000 hours
    Output Signal 1 analog, 0-2.55VDC1 analog, 0-2.55VDC 1 analog, 0-2120mVDC (18mV/°C)
    Power 5VDC, 0.5mA from logger5VDC, 0.5mA from logger5V DC, 150mA from logger
    Cable 2 way 10 or 20 meters2 way 10 or 20 meters10m or 20m double pair instrumentation cable
    MaterialStainless steel, Epoxy sealedStainless steel, Epoxy sealedStainless steel, Epoxy sealed
    Size (LxD) 120mm x 12mm50mm x 6mm100mm x 6.5mm

    6535A Linear Temperature Probe
    Range: -17.8°C to 100°C.
    16-bit channel 0.004°C;
    10-bit channel 0.14°C;
    8-bit channel 0.6°C

  • Ordering Information

    6507D-10Robust Thermistor Probe 0.1°C with 10m of Cable 3KΩ @ 25°C
    6507D-20Robust Thermistor Probe 0.1°C with 20m of Cable 3KΩ @ 25°C
    6507E-10Thermistor Probe with 10m of Cable 3KΩ @ 25°C
    6507E-20Thermistor Probe with 20m of Cable 3KΩ @ 25°C
    6535A-10Temperature Probe LM34 with 10m of Cable
    6535A-20Temperature Probe LM34 with 20m of Cable

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  • Documents

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    Unidata Manual – 6507D, 6507E and 6535A Temperature Probes

    Application Notes
    Irrigation Channel Measurement and Control
    Soil Moisture Monitoring
    Evaporation Monitoring
    Weather monitoring

environmental monitoring thermistor temperature probe 6507D
environmental monitoring thermistor temperature probe 6507A
environmental monitoring linear temperature probe 6535A