Wind Speed and Direction Instrument

Model 6533A

  • Overview

    The 6533 Wind speed and direction instrument is a high performance RM young sensor. It combines simplicity and lightweight corrosion resistant construction with a low threshold, fast response, and excellent fidelity.

    The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller. Propeller rotation produces a sinewave voltage output where frequency is directly proportional to wind speed. Slip rings and brushes are not used.

    The wind direction sensor is a lightweight vane with sufficiently high damping ratio and low aspect ratio to ensure excellent fidelity in rapidly fluctuating winds. Vane position is sensed by a precision conductive plastic potentiometer. With a known excitation voltage applied to the potentiometer, the output signal is directly proportional to azimuth.

    The instrument is made of UV stabilised plastic with stainless steel and anodised aluminium fittings. All bearings are precision grade stainless steel. A Unidata’s micro-power interface circuit, housed in a junction box on the mounting post, converts the sinewave to a 5V signal and potentiometer output to a calibrated 2.50 V signal, suitable for connection to the regular data logger.
    An 8 core cable can be used to connect the instrument to the logger. The instrument mounts on standard 1 inch pipe.

    environmental monitoring wind monitor instrument 6533

  • Specifications

    Physical specifications

    Size: 370mm x 550mm tall (HxL), Propeller Dia 180mm
    Weight: 1kg grams
    Operating temperature: -50°C to 50°C. Not affected by humidity

    Electrical specifications
    Wind Speed

    Range: 0 … 100 m/s (224mph)
    Accuracy: ±0.3% or 1% of reading
    Threshold: Propeller 1.0m/s (2.2mph)
    Output Signal: 8 or 16 bit counter channel, 3 pulses per revolution

    Wind Direction

    Azimuth: 0 … 360° mechanical, 355° electrical (5° open)
    Accuracy: ±3°
    Threshold: Vane 1.1m/s (2.4mph)
    Output Signal: 1 analog channel. 0 to 2.5V calibrated 0° to 359°

    Operating voltage: 15 VDC maximum
    Mounting: Standard 1 inch pipe

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    6533AWind Monitor
    6533A-MWind Monitor Marine Grade
    6533LDWind Monitor 4-20mA Interface
    6533B-PCBWind Monitor Micropower Interface

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    6533 RM Young Wind Monitor