Datalogger Firmware

Firmware for Unidata Dataloggers

Through an on-going program of research and development and customer feedback, Unidata regularly improves and updates its products. The latest firmware upgrades for dataloggers are available in this section by downloading the file The firmware updates will apply to the Unidata datalogger range: Starlogger Range, Prologger Range, Starflow, Four-Electrode Conductivity, Micrologger

Download the firmware for the current product range of Unidata Dataloggers in one zip file. Please unzip the file to enable use.

Upgrading notes
To upgrade the firmware on various dataloggers you need to:

  • download and extract the file
  • connect your Unidata datalogger to COM port 1 on the computer via comms cable
  • find and run a runme.bat file amongst the extracted files
  • running this file will automatically find the product you connected to and upgrade with the appropriate firmware

  • COM port 1 will be the only serial port that will work with runme.bat
  • Please exercise care when upgrading firmware and follow instructions carefully as failure to upgrade can result in an inoperable datalogger

Firmware for Neon Remote Terminals & Modules

As the Neon range of products have IP connectivity, firmware updates are delivered directly from the Neon server they connect to.