NRT LCD Display Units & Field Termination Strips

Models 2500E, 2504E, 2103F, 2104E

  • Overview

    The 2500 NRT LCD Display Unit is a compact display and operating button unit designed to connect to existing Neon Remote Terminals (NRTs) and Neon Remote Modules (NRMs). The 2500 NRT Display Unit displays NRT info and its Neon Server’s corresponding parameters.

    Availability of this information is very usefully, especially in the field, when initialising NRT or for troubleshooting and diagnostics purposes.
    There are four operational buttons:
    Scheme Data: Indicates general scheme information
    Info: Allows the user to view the Neon Server parameters, NRT serial number and firmware version to make sure these have been entered correctly.
    Signal Strength: Allows the user to view the reception strength parameters
    Initialise: This button is used to initially start communications to the central server, i.e. to initialise the NRT.

    The 2504 NRT HSIO LCD Display interfaces with all Neon remote terminals and modules. It displays
    the values obtained from the most recent scan. The Neon’s scheme defines which parameters will be displayed.

    For example, one of the supplied schemes displays battery supply voltage, analogue and counter channel values or SDI 12 channel values. The 2504 is packaged in a compact weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure.

    The display module power supply can be wired to a user installed switch so that it can be switched on only when necessary. The module display is refreshed every scan (normally 15 seconds) and will display a test message when power is applied until a message from the instrument is received. Pressing the button on the front panel resets the display.

    A field termination strip extends a data logger’s input signal connections to rows of numbered screw terminals, simplifying on-site installation of a data logging system, particularly for complex applications.
    The 2103 & 2104 Field Termination Strips are used with Neon remote terminals and allow for easy connection of the field sensors to Neon loggers. There are two versions available – Standard 2103 and Extended 2104.

    The Neon data logger accepts many different kinds of signal. The field termination strip offers terminals for each input and output e.g. analog, SDI-12, Modbus. In addition, using links on the field termination strip, most terminals can be customised offering an even wider range of possible inputs and outputs.

    Standard 2103 FTS can be configured to provide field sensor with 5V or 9V power supply.

    Model 2104 FTS provides connections for addition of special purpose modules when specific signal conditioning is needed. Special purpose modules include: voltage dividers, current loop references, isolated input amplifier, relay control module and 4-20mA current loop isolator.

    The 2104 FTS also allows for transient suppression (gas arrestors) to be placed on the board. This allows the analogue signals to be protected from large electrical spikes being induced by external factors such as lightning.

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    Neon Field Termination Strips 2104E
    Neon Field Termination Strips 2103E

  • Specifications


    Physical specifications

    Material: Polycarbonate Enclosure
    Size: 165mm x 85mm x 56mm (LxWxH)
    Weight: 334grams including 9V Battery
    Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C. Not affected by humidity

    Electrical specifications

    Display Format: Two lines x 16 Characters
    LCD Type: Supertwist (STN), yellow-green no backlight
    Optimum Viewing: 6 o’clock
    Power Supply: 8 to 18VDC @ 20mA
    Serial Protocol: RS232


    Physical specifications

    Material: ABS IP65 Sealed Enclosure
    Size: 115mm x 70mm x 83mm (LxWxH)
    Weight: 270 grams
    Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C. Not affected by humidity

    Electrical specifications

    Display Format: Four lines x 16 Characters
    LCD Type: Supertwist (STN), yellow-green with backlight
    Optimum Viewing: 6 o’clock
    Power Supply: 8 to 18VDC @ 20mA
    Serial Signal: HSIO Standard Synchronous Protocol
    Serial Protocol: ASCII text special commands for formatting

    2103F & 2104E

    Physical specifications

    Dimensions 2103F: 135x35x20mm (LxWxD)
    Dimensions 2104E: 160x110x30mm (LxWxD)

    Electrical specifications

    Analog Inputs: 4
    Counter Inputs: 4
    External Power: 12-24V
    Instrument Power Supply:
    2103F none
    2103F-S5 SYNC 5.1V
    2103F-S9 SYNC 9.9V
    2103F-O5 OUT0 5.1V
    2103F-O9 OUT0 9.9V
    2104F-VOUT 10.5V and 21V

  • Ordering Information

    2500ENRT LCD Display Unit
    2504ENRT HSIO LCD Display Unit
    2103FNRT FTS
    2103F-S5NRT FTS SYNC 5.1V
    2103F-S9NRT FTS SYNC 9.9V
    2103F-O5NRT FTS OUT0 5.1V
    2103F-O9NRT FTS OUT09.9V

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