Neon IP Dataloggers Overview

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Unidata’s Neon system is an IP based telemetry data logging system that transports data from the measuring instruments in the field to a central server. This is achieved by pushing data over cellular or satellite networks. Neon operates as a push data model over the internet, where the logged data is pushed from the logger up to the server. Push data is a newer concept to the traditional dial-up modem where the modem pulls the data from the logger into the server.

Typical applications for IP Dataloggers include:

  • Remote data monitoring and acquisition
  • Environmental compliance reporting
  • Metering for utilities
  • Asset monitoring

Data can be configured to be pushed at various intervals such as every few minutes, every hour, once a day, etc. Data is pushed to a web-based system which allows the user to view logged data in near real-time. The system also allows various alarm conditions such that any out of limits data to be sent by email or SMS text message. Reporting can be set up to report via email or file transfer on a periodic basis to upstream analysis systems.

The Neon Server product is offered as either an Application Software Package to run on a customer’s server or as an Applications / Data Service Provider package to run on Unidata’s secure servers.
Neon Systems include three main components:

  1. Field Units (Neon Remote Loggers)
  2. A suitable Neon Server
  3. Neon Server Applications Software
Neon Remote Terminals and Modules

The individual product pages in the product section of the Unidata website provide a summary of the inputs and outputs available in the various models of the Neon Remote Modules & Terminals (IP Dataloggers) suitable for cellular phone or satellite networks. An appropriate mobile service and SIM cards, or appropriate Satellite services must be arranged through a telephone company/carrier to use these systems.

Neon Server Hardware Platform

The Neon Applications software can run on:

  1. Small laptop computer running Windows 10 or later
  2. Standard Windows 2008 R2 / 2012 Server running on a single server
  3. Large enterprise server which uses virtual server technology to provide one or many instances of the
    Windows 2008 R2 /2012 Operating System.

Alternatively, the Neon System can also be provided as a hosted system, using Unidata Servers, where Unidata provides access to our servers for customers not wishing to arrange for a server themselves.

Neon Server Applications Software & Services

There are many options available for the purchase of Neon Applications Software and Neon Hosted Services. Please refer to the detailed information on the Neon Server Applications Software information.

IP Dataloggers : NEON remote terminals & modules

Neon’s features and benefits are

View data from any browser on the internetTimely information & no travel time
Configure, diagnose and reset Neon remote loggers on-lineSaves time and travel by not needing a site visits
Automated FTP/ Web Services/ email reportsFlexible reporting options to suit most requirements
Automated email and SMS notifications for specified alarm conditionsPeace of mind with automated alerts
True IP services/guaranteed data delivery systemPeace of mind with no lost data
Hosted server facilityNo capital outlay to start or maintenance worries
Server utilizes industry standard architectureNo unique skills required to manage your own servers

Unidata Technical staff can assist in advising the various different service offerings available from most telephone companies/carriers. Unidata Staff can also provide technical assistance for networking and firewall settings issues when needed.