Starlog Dataloggers

Unidata’s Starlog dataloggers are used throughout the world in an enormous variety of applications.

Starlog Range Features:
  • low power consumption
  • robust and easy to install
  • require little maintenance
  • simple to use
  • extremely versatile
Typical Applications:
  • Remote data monitoring and acquisition – weather monitoring
  • Environmental compliance reporting – water quality monitoring
  • Metering for utilities – water level monitoring
  • Agricultural parameters monitoring – Evaporation monitoring
  • Industrial motoring – mine site environmental monitoring
  • For full range of applications please see Application Notes Section

The Starlogger Datalogger range includes the Standard Starlogger 6004D-1, Display Starlogger 6004D-2 and Prologger 7001D-1. Because of their low power consumption, they are particularly well suited to automated data collection in remote and unmanned sites. Generally dataloggers are connected to measuring instruments and sensors for data acquisition. A wide range of instruments and sensors is available from Unidata.

Compare Starlog Dataloggers

Starlog Dataloggers and Modules

To choose the model of the data logger best suited to your data logging project, consider both the duration of the project and the type of measurement instrument that will be used. The table below provides an overview of the features offered by each data logger. Microloggers are only available for OEM and high volume users.
Note that a number of Unidata’s instruments incorporate a Micrologger. Standard features of the Micrologger are also listed in the table opposite for comparison.

Starlog Dataloggers

Analog Channels8, 10-bit resolution
unipolar, single-ended
8, 10-bit resolution
unipolar, single-ended
16, 16-bit resolution bipolar / unipolar, single-ended (16) differential (8)4, 10-bit resolution
unipolar, single-ended
Analog Ranges0 to 2.55V ±0.1%0 to 2.55V ±0.1%-5.00V to 5.00V ±0.1%
-500mV to 500mV ±0.1%
-50mV to 50mV ±0.2%
-5mV to 5mV ±0.21%
0 to 2.50V ±0.1%
HSIO2 bi-directional
8 16-bit channels
2 bi-directional
8 16-bit channels
2 bi-directional
8 16-bit channels
1 bi-directional
4 16-bit channels
Counter Channels4 x 16 bit, 20kHz4 x 16 bit, 20kHz4 x 16 bit, 20kHz1 x 16 bit, 20kHz
Control Outputs2221
Instrument Voltages5V regulated5V regulated5V regulated
±12V, +10V regulated
5V regulated
DisplayNo32 character Alphanumeric64 character AlphanumericNo
Computer CommunicationsRS-232 level,
300-38,400 bps
RS-232 level,
300-38,400 bps
RS-232 level,
300-76,800 bps
RS-232 level,
300-76,800 bps

* available to high volume and OEM customers only

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