Starlogger Standard Red and Display Blue

Models 6004D-10, 6004D-20

  • Overview

    Designed for trouble-free operation in a wide range of applications, the Starlogger is a high performance datalogger that is easy to program and offers wide signal capacity and range.

    All Starloggers feature eight (10-bit) analog channels, four (16-bit) counter/frequency channels, and 2 (16-bit) HSIO lines with 8 channels each. Their memory capacity is 512K CMOS RAM, enough storage for many months of recording. They also provide two power sources for external instruments. The range of scan rates extends from 125 milliseconds to 5 minutes.

    The Starlogger uses standard asynchronous RS-232 serial communications to communicate with an PC or a modem connected to a telemetry system.

    The Datalogger Starlogger Display adds the convenience of a display and keyboard to the functions of the standard Starlogger.

    The 32 character, two-line LCD enables you to view signal readings while recording data. Battery, memory and program status can also be displayed.

    With the eight-key keyboard you can control the display, make adjustments to the Starlogger’s configuration, and give simple commands. Remember that frequent use of the display will reduce battery life.

    Starloggers are completely portable. They contain an internal battery supply for one year of normal operation.

  • Specifications

    Analog Channels: 8 x 10 bit, unipolar, single ended
    Analog Ranges: 0 to 2.55V ± 0.1% (typical)
    Counter Channels: 2 x 16 bit 3kHz
    Counter Channels: 2 x 16 bit 20kHz
    HSIO: 2 x 8 x 16 bit bi-directional channels
    Control Outputs: 1 open collector and 1 CMOS output
    Base Memory: 512KB
    Instrument Voltages: 5V regulated
    Display: 6004D-10 No , 6004D-20 Yes, 32 character alphanumeric
    SDI-12: Yes, v1.3 recorder, 1200 baud smart instrument channel
    Modbus: No
    Computer Communications: RS-232 level, 300 – 38,400 bps

  • Ordering Information

    6004D-10Starlogger Red 512K
    6004D-11Starlogger Red 512K with 6910A Alkaline Battery Pack
    6004D-20Starlogger Blue 512K
    6004D-21Starlogger Blue 512K with 6910A Alkaline Battery PackBattery

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  • Documents

    6004D-10 Starlogger Standard Red
    6004D-20 Starlogger Display Blue
    6308B AUE Starlog 4 Management Software

    Unidata Manual – Red 6004 Starlogger

    Application Notes
    Power utility remote recloser system

starlog dataloggers starlogger standard red
starlog dataloggers starlogger display blue