Hydrostatic Water Depth & Temperature Probe and Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge

Model 6542D, 6506G and 6506H

  • Overview

    The Hydrostatic Water Depth & Temperature Probe Model 6542D provide accurate long term measurements of water depths of 3m to 50m in standard ranges, with an accuracy of 0.06% full scale.

    The 6542D is fully sealed and temperature compensated water depth probe. A hermetically sealed case with a protection type IP 68 allows the pressure sensor to be immersed down to a depth of 100m.
    The inner vented connection cable makes pressure compensation of the measuring cell against the atmosphere possible and thus hydrostatic pressure measurement. The pressure sensor special for submersible measurement meets the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements to EN 61326.

    The mechanical fastening of the pressure sensor does not require any additional strain relief, as the construction of the cable is suitable to take a maximum tensile force of 1000 N. The cable’s individual signal wires are epoxy sealed into the casing to protect against water ingress. This probe is ideal for monitoring drainage, bore depth and river height. It can also be used to measure water with dissolved solids and other liquids.

    The Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge Model 6506G and H is used for small volumetric flows which exceed the capacity of common rainfall gauges. Typical applications include: monitoring rainfall under a tree canopy; leakage in water storage dams; seepage and runoff.

    The gauge can be set on the ground (see photo) or mounted above ground on bricks or concrete blocks.

  • Specifications


    Range (metres of water): 3.5
    Accuracy (mm): ± 3.5
    Resolution (mm): 0.05

    Range (metres of water): 10.5
    Accuracy (mm): ± 10.5
    Resolution (mm): 0.16

    Range (metres of water): 21
    Accuracy (mm): ± 21.5
    Resolution (mm): 0.32

    Operating Temp: -5°C – 70°C
    Over Range Protection: up to 2 times fs
    Operating Voltage: 9.0 – 16VDC
    Power Supply Current: Active 3mA average / 10mA peak
    Power Supply Current: Sleep 150μA
    Digital Output: SDI-12 v1.3
    Diameter: 19mm
    Length: 203mm long
    Weight: 400 g
    Casing: Marine grade stainless steel 316 or titanium
    Vented cable: 8.7mm OD, black polyurethane jacket, braided screen

    6506G and 6506H

    6506G – up to 3 litres/minute
    6506H – up to 4 litres/minute
    Bucket Capacity::
    6506G – 75ml per tip
    6506H – 130ml per tip
    Output Signal: Potential-free reed switch changeover
    Material: Stainless steel housing and pivot bearing
    Size: 400mm x 300mm x 155mm
    Weight: 2.7kg

  • Ordering Information

    6542D-AWater Depth Probe 3.5m Stainless Steel
    6542D-AWater Depth Probe 3.5m Stainless Steel
    6542D-BWater Depth Probe 10m Stainless Steel
    6542D-CWater Depth Probe 20m Stainless Steel
    6542D-CBLWater Depth Probe PU Cable/meter - cable length to be specified at the time of order
    6542D-T-AWater Depth Probe 3.5m Titanium
    6542D-T-BWater Depth Probe 10m Titanium
    6542D-T-CWater Depth Probe 20m Titanium
    6542D-T-CBLWater Depth Probe FEP Cable/meter - cable length to be specified at the time of order
    6542D-T-CBLWater Depth Probe FEP Cable/meter - cable length to be specified at the time of order
    6506GTipping Bucket Flow Gauge, 75ml per tip
    6506HTipping Bucket Flow Gauge, 130ml per tip

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  • Documents

    6542D Hydrostatic Water Depth & Temperature Probe

    6506GH Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge

    Unidata Manual – 6542D Hydrostatic Water Depth Probe

    6506G & H Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge

    Application Notes
    Irrigation channel measurement and control
    Aquaculture monitoring
    Evaporation Monitoring
    Flood Monitoring / Flood Alerts
    Groundwater bore hole monitoring
    Mine site environmental monitoring
    Rivers and Streams Monitoring
    Surface Water Monitoring
    Water flow monitoring
    Industrial outflow monitoring

water monitoring hydrostatic water depth probe 6542D
water monitoring tipping bucket flow gauge 6506G&H