Model 7001D-1

  • Overview

    The Datalogger Prologger 7001D-1 sets new standards in accuracy and input range. It is packaged in the robust enclosure so familiar to Starlog users with twice the accuracy, eight times the resolution, and sixteen times the dynamic range. It is the ideal upgrade from its predecessor the 7000 Macro Logger. All Prologger analogue and digital inputs are processed with 16 bit resolution. The sixteen inputs now support the following ranges:

    • ±5.000V (155uV/bit resolution)
    • ±500mV (15.5uV/bit resolution)
    • ±50mV (1.55uV/bit resolution)
    • ±5mV (155nV/bit resolution)

    The superior accuracy of the new design means that input voltages will be converted to better than 0.05% of full scale over the full operating temperature range, and 0.1% in the 5mV range.

    The Prologger’s increased memory capacity means you can acquire more data or increase the period between downloads. The unit also includes all the familiar Starlog features such as SDI-12 instrument support, modem command/dial-out support, universal battery pack, continuous power source, scheme control of power supplies, and field upgradable control firmware.

  • Specifications

    Analog Channels: 16 x 16-bit, bipolar/unipolar, single ended or 8 differential
    Analog Ranges:
    -5.00V to 5.00V ±0.1%

    -500mV to 500mV ±0.1%

    -50mV to 50mV ±0.2%

    -5mV to 5mV ±0.21%
    Counter Channels: 2 x 16 bit, 3kHz
    Counter Channels: 2 x 16 bit, 20kHz
    HSIO: 2 x 8 x 16 bit bi-directional channels
    Control Outputs: 1 open collector and 1 CMOS output
    Base Memory: 1MB
    Instrument Voltages: 5V regulated, ±12V and 10V regulated
    Display: Yes, 64 character alphanumeric
    SDI-12: Yes, v1.3 recorder, 1200 baud smart instrument
    Modbus: No
    Computer Communications: RS-232 level, 300-76,800 bps

  • Ordering Information

    7001D-10Prologger Green key-board and display
    7001D-11Prologger Green key-board, display
    and 6910A Alkaline Battery Pack

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  • Documents

    7001D Green Prologger
    6308B AUE Starlog 4 Management Software

    Unidata Manual – 7001 Prologger Hardware

    Application Notes
    Irrigation channel measurement and control
    Aquaculture monitoring
    Evaporation Monitoring
    Flood Monitoring / Flood Alerts
    Groundwater bore hole monitoring
    Rivers and Streams Monitoring
    Water flow monitoring
    Water Level Monitoring
    Water quality monitoring
    Weather monitoring
    Power utility remote recloser system

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