Starlog V4 Software

Model 6308A-AUE

  • Overview

    Setup and Management Software for Unidata Dataloggers / Neon Remote Terminals / Instruments

    You can download a 30 day trial version of Starlog V4 software here : Starlog Software V4 (~19MB download)

    Starlog V4 is a Windows-based application which allows customers to manage all of the Unidata range of dataloggers, Neon Remote Terminals and Instruments. This software allows fast and easy point and click configuration/setup of the schemes/programs within the Unidata range of dataloggers, Neon Remote Terminals and instruments.

    Starlog V4 can be downloaded from the Unidata website for trial purposes, along with the user manual, and a 30 day free trial is offered before a purchase is required.
    Having this feature rich and powerful software package to support the Unidata range of loggers and Neon remote Terminals, users can create complicated schemes simply using point and click selection which makes the configuration process fast and efficient.

    A comprehensive instrument library makes it easy to add instruments to your scheme. Saving and programming your logger is as simple as the click of the mouse button.
    Presentation of your archived data using the intuitive graphing tools makes it simple to view your data in a text or graph view. And identifying values on the graph is as easy as placing your cursor over the point of interest. You can then print your favourite graphs or tables for reference, or output your data for import into your third party data viewing and analysis software applications.

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    • – Supports all Unidata dataloggers, Neon Remote Loggers, Neon Remote Terminals and Starflow
    • – Automatic logger configuration
    • – Comprehensive Instrument Library and Editor
    • – Scheme and instrument editing
    • – Logger and scheme testing
    • – Report and plot creation
    • – Embedded Scheme Feature to retrieve data from loggers when original scheme is not available
    • – Multi-buffer support
    • – SiteID support – program different sites using the same scheme and keep data from each site separate using the site ID automatic modem configuration utility
    • – Phonebook to manage sites, including telephone number and telemetry switch settings
    • – Output control instrument – in combination with test mode buttons
    • – Test mode buttons – set channel values, control outputs, pause/ restart logging
    • – Extended support for logging events
    • – Facility to view and plot data as it is being logged
    • – Data is stored in robust and accessible CSV (comma separated value) text file format
    • – Open data directly in Excel for basic reporting and analysis
    • – Remote LCD display support with Starflow and 4EC instruments
    • – Support for averages with a sampling time longer than 24 hours
    • – SDI-12 Transparent Mode
    • – Logger firmware upgrading
    • – Event counter instrument
    • – SDI-12 support of high-resolution conductivity data
    • – Works with existing V3 schemes
    • – Multi Buffer Support
    • – Telemetry Support Features

  • Specifications

    Computer Requirements (minimum)

    • Pentium 4 Processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • 32MB hard drive space
    • Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7
    • RS232 serial port or USB to serial adaptor

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