Water Monitoring Modules

Unidata offers many different instruments to suit measurement of conductivity, evaporation, water depth and temperature. In addition to those water instruments described in this section, Unidata also offers the Starflow, an intelligent water flow measurement system.

For shallow water (up to 20 metres), the first in a range of Hydrostatic Water Depth Probes 6542D is suitable. For a wider range of water depth (up to 65 metres) and higher accuracy of data, the Precision Water Level Instrument 6541C which is available in several different configurations offers an excellent solution. For water quality measurement, consider using the Water Electroconductivity Instrument 6536E or the pH and ORP Probes 6528

Water Monitoring Modules Features:
  • low power consumption
  • robust and easy to install
  • require little maintenance
  • simple to use
  • extremely versatile
Typical Applications:
  • Remote data monitoring and acquisition – irrigation channel monitoring and control
  • Environmental compliance reporting – water quality monitoring or industrial outflow monitoring
  • Metering for utilities – water level monitoring
  • Agricultural parameters monitoring – Evaporation, ground water, bore hole and aquaculture monitoring
  • Industrial motoring – mine site environmental monitoring
  • For full range of applications please see Application Notes Section

Please continue to explore this section to learn more about Unidata’s range of water monitoring solutions.

Water Monitoring Modules

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