Datalogger Batteries

Model 2901B, 2903A, 6910A, 6907B and 6909C

  • Overview

    To ensure self-contained operation in the field, power for data loggers and some instruments can be supplied by integral battery packs or by 12VDC external power. In case external power is used, we recommend that you also use an internal battery pack, alkaline or lithium, as a backup battery in the event of power failure.

    Alkaline battery pack model 6910 is the standard 6 x D cell non-rechargeable internal battery pack for all Starlog dataloggers. The life expectancy of this pack depends on logging scan rate but is typically one year for Prologgers and Starloggers. The Neon remote terminals and modules can be powered from long life Lithium batteries. The battery component is a high quality SAFT LSH20 Lithium cell with high capacity and minimal internal discharge, while providing high inrush current required for some cell phone modules.

    Sealed lead acid batteries are maintenance free batteries that come in different capacity ranges. These batteries play an integral part in ensuring reliable performance at unmanned data logging sites and are normally recharged via a solar powered recharge system or via an external source of 12VDC.

    If solar recharge or external 12VDC are not available Unidata can offer 6909C-3 lithium battery non-rechargeable and 6909C-4 lithium battery rechargeable packs.


  • Specifications

    6910AAlkaline, 6 D cell, non rechargeable10 Ah
    6907B-7Sealed Lead Acid Battery12V 7.2Ah
    6907B-14Sealed Lead Acid Battery12V 14Ah
    6907B-28Sealed Lead Acid Battery12V 28Ah
    6907B-50Sealed Lead Acid Battery12V 50Ah
    2901BSingle SAFT Lithium LSH20 D size Cell3.6V 15Ah
    2902ASingle SAFT Lithium LS 26500 C size Cell3.6V 7.7Ah
    2903ASingle Panasonic Lithium NCR18650B size Cell3.6V 3200mAh
    6909C-3-P3 X Shrink Wrap Lithium Battery Pack10.8V 39Ah
    6909C-4-P4 X Shrink Wrap NCR18650B Lithium Battery Pack14.4V 3200mAh

  • Ordering Information

    6910AAlkaline battery for 6004D Starlogger & 7001E Prologger
    6907B-7Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V, 7.2Ah
    6907B-14Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V, 14Ah
    6907B-28Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V, 28Ah
    6907B-50Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V, 50Ah
    2901BSingle Lithium D Cell 3.6V 15Ah
    2902ASingle Lithium C Cell 3.6V 7.7Ah
    2903ASingle Rechargeable Lithium 18650 Cell 3.6V 3200mAh
    6909C-3-P3 X Shrink Wrap LSH20 Lithium Battery Pack
    6909C-4-P4 X Shrink Wrap NCR18650B Lithium Battery Pack
    6905DMains Power Pack - Adaptor 12VDC 1.5A
    6905ECTEK XS 0.8 Compact 0.8A 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger
    6905FVP4 full set 4 channel charger for battery 18650 TB-18650IC35-BP1

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