Solar Panels and Controllers

Models 6904I, 6912D-12 & 6912CR-12

  • Overview

    Solar Powered Systems

    The solar powered system enables the long-term use of 12V sealed lead acid batteries  in the field without the need for recharging from the mains. The entire system is designed to be maintenance free once installed.

    Solar powered system consists of Solar Panel (6904I range), Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6907B range) and Solar Controller (6912D range)
    This set may be used for externally powering all data loggers, Starflow and conductivity instruments.

    In an installation with a prolonged period (more than 10 consecutive days) without sunlight we recommend the using the Model 6904I-10 Solar Panel (10W) with two Model 6907B-14 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (28Ah). This system will also operate a cellular phone site for up to 5 “sunless” days.

    Solar Panels – Model 6904I
    6904I-10 12V 10W MONO Pole Mounting Bracket Included
    6904I-20 12V 20W MONO Pole Mounting Bracket Included
    6904I-50 12V 50W MONO Pole Mounting Bracket Included

    Solar Power Controller – Model 6912D-12
    This unit is designed to regulate the charging of a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery via a solar panel.

    6912D-12 12V 10A Series Controller

    Solar Power & Relay Controller Dual Relay Output – Model 6912CR-12
    This unit regulates the charging of a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery via a solar panel and provides a supervised 12V modem power output. In addition to this, controller has two 2A relays with capacity to operate either solenoid or small pump. Any Unidata logger can interface with the controller allowing program control of the two relay outputs.

  • Specifications

    Model 6904I
    Voltage: 12VDC
    Model 6904I-10 – 10W
    Model 6904I-20 – 20W
    Model 6904I-50 – 50W
    Cable: 5m single pair instrumentation cable
    Fittings: Hardware for 50mm dia. pole mounting included.
    Fittings for different pole diameters are available on request
    Model 6904I-10: 357x303x35mm/2kg
    Model 6904I-20: 300x540x35mm/2.5kg
    Model 6904I-50: 637x540x35mm/4.5kg

    Model 6912D-12
    Inputs: 12V solar panel, 2 x 12V SLA battery (parallel connection)
    Outputs: 12V regulated, Load current 10A
    Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
    Size (LxWxD): 152x55x34mm
    Weight: 230g

    Model 6912CR-12
    Inputs: 12V solar panel, 2 x 12V SLA battery (parallel connection).
    Charging is thermally limited. Two relay control (open collector or TTL – user can set).
    Outputs: Modem power 12V regulated, 500mA limit, shutdown on low battery detect.
    Two relays, normally open contacts. 12V is supplied to contacts upon closure.
    Enclosure: UV stabilised polycarbonate, IP67.
    Terminals: Pluggable terminals for two relay outputs, logger control signals, solar panel, battery and test.
    Size (LxWxD): 125x85x75mm
    Weight: 250g

  • Ordering Information

    6904I-10Solar Panel 10W with Pole Mounting Bracket
    6904I-20Solar Panel 20W with Pole Mounting Bracket
    6904I-50Solar Panel 50W with Pole Mounting Bracket
    6912D-12Solar Controller 12V 10A
    6912CR-12Solar Power Controller with two relays

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    Unidata Manual – 6904H Solar Panels and 6912 Controllers

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