Products and Dataloggers Overview

Unidata is proud to offer a comprehensive range of products that suit a wide range of needs. The product range is end to end, offering a multitude of sensors through to logging either locally or via satellite or mobile telemetry back to a Neon server. Underpinning this comprehensive range of products is committed service and support also, either directly with Unidata or through its extensive network of partners across the globe.

The products in this website are grouped as:

For convenience also, all products are listed by product group and part number.

Unidata Part Number
-Neon IP Dataloggers
Neon Software and Demo
Neon Metering and Remote Modules 2G/3G/4G2013F
Neon Remote Terminal 2G/3G/4G2016F
NRT HSIO LCD Display Unit2504E
NRT LCD Display Unit2500E
Neon Remote Terminal - Globalstar Satellite2015E
Neon Remote Terminal - Ethernet2017E
Neon Remote Terminal - Inmarsat Satellite2018E
Neon Remote Terminal - Ethernet & WiFi2019E
Neon Remote Terminal – Ethernet, USB and 3G2020E
Neon Remote Terminal – Ethernet and USB2021E
Neon Remote Terminal – Inmarsat, USB and 3G2022E
Neon Remote Terminal Lite – Inmarsat Satellite M2M - Regional Beam 2023E
Neon Camera System & Module2502A
Neon Hires Image & Video System2502B
Neon Termination Strips2103F/2104E
-Starlog Dataloggers
Starlogger - Standard6004D-1
Starlogger - Display6004D-2
Starlogger - Software6308A-AUE
Batteries6910A, 6907B, 6909C, 6905E
Solar Panels and Controllers6904H, 6912CR-12, 6912C-12
Field Termination Strips6103E, 7100E
Input & Output Modules6107B, 6141A, 7121A, 6144A, 7121C, 6525B, 6114A, 6118B
Enclosures6701, 6703, 6704
SDI-12 Protocol Converters and Testers6543A, 6411A, 6412A
Cables and Cable Harnesses6600F, 6600G, 6600H, 6600K, 6600L, 6603U-FTDI
-Environmental Monitoring Modules
Tipping Bucket Rainfall Gauge6506C
Wind Monitor Instrument6533A
Weather Transmitter6501V-H
Humicap Humidity & Temperature Probe6539B
Linear and Thermistor Temperature Probe6507D, 6507E, 6535A
Pyranometer Sensors and Mounting bracket7241A, 7241D
-Water Monitoring Modules
Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler Instrument6526H
MicroWire Interface6122C
Starflow LCD Display Unit6526LCD-C
Starflow Weatherproof Enclosures6702S/6702S-LCD
Starflow Mounting Kits6526M-2/6705
Drying Tube6603DT
Precision Water Level Instrument6541C
Tipping Bucket Flow Gauge6506G/6506H
Hydrostatic Water Depth & Temperature Probe6542D
Evaporation Monitoring System6529-1
Evaporation Recording System with Micrologger6529-2
Automatic Evaporation Recording System6529-3
Dissolved Oxygen Probe7422A
Water Electroconductivity Instrument6536E
Water Conductivity Probe6536P-2-X
pH & ORP Probe6528A/6528B

Should you have any questions at all about the products or their application and use, please don’t hesitate to Contact Unidata or one of it’s partners.