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Mandurah Houseboats use radar for water level measurement

This year Unidata completed a monitoring project for Mandurah Houseboats to monitor the water levels in their houseboat cruising areas using non-contact radar sensor technology. See the photos of the installation and other photos of the beautiful Peel Inlet and Blackwood and Murray River areas.
Mandurah Houseboat company runs a fleet of drive-yourself houseboats along the picturesque Blackwood and Murray Rivers near Mandurah. For operational and safety reasons they must always monitor levels in the river and estuary. Non-contact radar technology was chosen as it does not disturb the peaceful environment around these beautiful rivers and the measurement accuracy of the instrument is within a millimetre or two.

Water levels in this area are affected by many local conditions and the levels can change very quickly. On their route, the houseboats need to safely pass under many bridges, so having accurate water levels, available in real time is very important.

The readings are monitored and logged using a Neon Remote Logger and are transmitted to the Neon Platform every 5 minutes. The stakeholders and other participants can see the water levels on a web browser or a smart phone. Furthermore they can set up alarms to alert the operators in the event of any unusual changes in levels.

The environment is quiet, peaceful and full if wildlife, especially birds and dolphins. What a great holiday observing this peaceful and undisturbed environment with hi tech technology in the background making it safe.

City of Mandurah: taking care of coast waterways and wetlands

Unidata has been working with the City of Mandurah over the last few months to set up some modern internet of things (IOT) systems to monitor some important environmental parameters within the city environs and within the pristine coast waterways and wetlands in the region.

These systems measure water quality parameters and water movement and deliver the readings and presentation graphics to the city via a Neon website. This allows staff within the city to monitor and manage water parameters on an ongoing continuous basis. Changes in these parameters can be monitored and alarmed so that immediate action can be taken in the event of a spike in the data, usually caused by a pollution event.

Also long term smaller changes can be monitored throughout the seasons and trends can be brought to the attention of long term planners within the city. This is all part of the need for the city to continue to monitor, manage and protect the environment.

The IOT system can be added to monitor other parameters such as water usage, parking usage and many other systems across the city into the future.


Brendon is a Production Technician and he also assists with Technical Support here at Unidata.

Brendon started at Unidata some 14 years ago. He holds an Advanced Diploma of Electronics from Fremantle TAFE and an Advanced Soldering Certificate from Challenger TAFE.

He has also completed industry courses, for example he is our resident Axis IP camera expert as he has completed the comprehensive Axis camera training program. Brendon is the person responsible for final assembly and production test and calibration for our NRT and NRL equipment. He is also an expert in NRT and NRL systems development and testing. Brendon is also on the Unidata technical support team and you would have seen his responses to technical support request from time to time.

Brendon has a strong interest in cars and has the largest / most powerful V8 car in the car park. His nickname is Mr X. Brendon has a large and flowing beard, and looks a little like Ned Kelly, perhaps that is why he is called Mr X. Brendon is friendly and quiet but is also a very capable work colleague. We all like him but sadly he is a Carlton supporter.

We have the same problem with Andrew Gregory who is sadly a Richmond supporter. The rest of us remain loyal West Australians and support the Eagles or the Dockers.