Unidata Product News

New Model Starflow QSD with Conductivity

Unidata has been working on a new model of Starflow QSD for the last year and we are soon to release this new model, the Starflow QSD 6537. This new model includes some additional features and is a higher end model to the current Starflow QSD 6527, and will be priced higher as well.

The new Starflow QSD model 6537 includes some key new features:

• A Modbus interface as well as the SDI 12 interface
• A pressure depth sensor as well as an ultrasonic depth sensor
• A conductivity instrument

We plan to release this new instrument to the market after some final testing in the next month or so. It will be priced higher than the current Starflow QSD Model 6527. We added the conductivity instrument because the Starflow instruments are often used for wastewater monitoring and the ability to measure conductivity is a great way to have measure of the water quality as well as the water flow. Being able to measure conductivity makes it easy to identify pollution events in wastewater streams. Our customers asked for the addition of the depth sensor to make it easier to measure depth in partially filled pipes. The pressure sensor makes it easier to measure depth when the sensor is installed on the side of pipes.

The depth sensor is an absolute sensor, without a vent tube, so atmospheric pressure compensation is needed to correct the pressure sensor depth readings. There is a companion 6515 Barometric pressure module which can be added into the cable from the Starflow QSD model 6537, or you can do the atmospheric pressure compensation using the barometer sensor within the Neon Remote Terminal, or you can use an external barometer.
Our customers also asked for a Modbus interface which better suit industrial applications.

We plan to release this instrument to the market in a month or two.

All models of NRLs in full production

Unidata is now in full scale production for all Neon Remote Logger (NRL) Models, and as we are well into production we will see the decline in the older Neon Remote Terminal (NRT) systems over the next year.

We will continue to provide the NRT models for a while, as we have existing NRT stocks and we want our customers to have an orderly transition to the newer NRL models.

Please see our website for the full details of the NRL models but in summary we have:

• High end metal enclosure models 3016, 3008 and 3006 and 3004 with external sensor connections.

• Mid-range polycarbonate enclosure models 3004M with internal sensor connections.

• Low end polycarbonate enclosure nano logger models 3001 with SQL connector external sensor connections.

The internal features and the firmware across all models is the same, the differences are in sensor input capacity, connectivity options and display and keyboard options. This new range has a wide range of connectivity options, covering LPWAN, Ethernet, cellular technology and emerging new satellite options.

Easy upgrade options – older NRT to new NRL

As the newer range of Neon Remote Loggers (NRL) are taking over from the older Neon Remote Terminals (NRT) and Modules (NMM) we have considered the need for an easier upgrade path for our customers.

Many Unidata customers have the earlier model 2011/2013 Neon Metering Modules (NMM) and this model is soon to be end of life.
A simple upgrade path is available for those customers who want to move to the newer model 3004C-M Neon Remote Logger. The 3004C-M NRL has been designed such that it is pin compatible with the older 2013 Neon Metering Module and can be used to upgrade installations that are using older style 2013 Neon Metering Modules.

The circuit board used for the 3004C-M NRL can be fitted inside an existing older style 2013 Neon Metering Module enclosure but some slight changes should be made to the enclosure prior to pcb install. Please refer to the images below, noting the same connector layout, the only connector difference being the external wiring gland is on the opposite side in the newer 3004C-M Neon Remote Logger. If you wish to use the older enclosure the 3004C-M pcb needs to be rotated, however this needs to be done with care and the enclosure needs some mechanical adjustments so that the board is not damaged.

Please ask us for the full Engineering Memo to describe the complete process. If you have an existing wiring loom then the old wiring loom should be able to be used with the new 3004C-M Neon remote logger without adjustment when replacing a model 2013 NRT.

The model 2011 NRT had a greater number of ground terminals available. Depending on how many of these terminals are used in the installation, it may be necessary to connect multiple ground wires to a single ground terminal when moving to the 3004C-M NRL.