Unidata in the Field

Argyle Diamond Mine Visit 2020

Unidata Argyle Neon System

In late 2020, Unidata staff visited the Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, near Kununurra, to assist with configuration and data unload of Unidata Loggers, both the older Starlogger and the newer Neon Remote Loggers.

Our staff travelled to the site in what is called the wet season, and the local environment, while very hot and humid, is rich in vegetation and quite beautiful at that time of year. Rio Tinto took great care to ensure the health and safety of our staff while working around the now-closed mine site.

The mine was established in 1983, and it was, for a time, the largest diamond mine in the world by production volume. The mine was initially an open pit, and then the operations were moved underground. The mine was closed in November 2020, and the site will be monitored for many years after the closure to ensure the environment is protected in the future.

Radar Flow Measurement in Thailand

Radar Flow Measurement in Thailand

This year Unidata was involved with a large project for flow measurement in Thailand for the Royal irrigation Department. The project involved several down looking Sommer radar flow measuring instruments connected to Unidata Neon Remote Logger / Telemetry units.

The down-looking radar measurement method is very convenient as it can be mounted on a bridge and is not affected/damaged by flood events. They provide reliable measurement during flood events and are a non-contact method of measurement. They are less expensive to set up because they can be attached to an existing bridge

These instruments are an alternative to a more traditional Ultrasonic / Transit time measuring device, which may be affected by turbulence and bubbles in the river. However, they are more expensive to set up because they involve some civil works/construction on the riverbank.

Unidata Argyle Water Quality System
Photo Snapshot of Fast Flowing Coquihalla River

Unidata Camera On Demand Coquihalla River

This photo is taken with the Neon low-resolution camera module at a river monitoring station along the fast-flowing Coquihalla river in British Columbia, in Canada.

The camera’s resolution is minimal, and the data files transferred over the satellite link are tiny files, less than 50KB. Remarkably the low-resolution image tells the customer a lot of information about the river and the flow every hour.

Unidata has recently been involved in some new high-resolution image and video capture of rivers projects this year. They remain research projects. Still, there is a trend to analyse video content to monitor many aspects of river flow. We are working with our shareholder NIWA on some of these projects. We expect video analysis and deriving flow information from video streams to grow in the years to come.