Unidata in Asia

Unidata and Lanry exhibit at Aquatech Shanghai

In June 2019 our manufacturing partner Lanry and Unidata exhibited at the large Aquatech exhibition in Shanghai. This exhibition is very large and is held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. With around 2000 exhibitors and around 90,000 attendees and we were kept busy responding to questions from visitors, who were from all around the world, but especially from China, Russia and Asia. We showcased the next / soon to be released new Starflow 6537 Starflow QSD product as well as earlier Starflow products.

New partner in Taiwan Shine Weather Instrument Co. Ltd

Last year Unidata started working with a new partner, Shine Instruments Co Ltd in Taiwan. The Director of Shine is a senior and very experienced engineer, Mr Chen. Unidata have been working with Mr Chen installing new NRL systems and a local Neon Applications Software for the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau, a department within the Ministry of Communications.

Shine chose the 3016 Neon Remote Terminal because the systems for the Central Weather Bureau required high accuracy analogue channels as well as high scanning rates. There are several 3016 systems installed now as a larger trial and after some time, they plan a volume deployment. As with many government agencies they wish to have the neon Applications Software running on their servers for reliability and security reasons.

New manufacturing partner in China Lanry Flow

Lanry has already worked with Unidata for several years. Lanry has built companion products to work with Starflow over that time. Lanry and Unidata have recently formed a new partnership by signing up a Manufacturing and Distribution and Technology Co-operation Agreement such that Lanry manufactures the Unidata 6537 Starflow QSD (3rd Generation) ultrasonic doppler open channel velocity, depth and conductivity Instrument in Dalian China.
Lanry is very experienced in the manufacture of ultrasonic flow meters. They manufacture many enclosed pipe ultrasonic water meters and they have a large manufacturing facility in the industrial precinct of Dalian in northern China.

Unidata reviewed the Lanry facilities, especially in the area of moulds, injection systems and precise manufacturing processes and we have now teamed up with them for the manufacturing of the new Unidata 6537 Starflow QSD instrument. This partnership combines our good Australian technology with their good Chinese manufacturing expertise allowing us to build volume while also ensuring a high quality manufacturing process.

We also expect economy of scale by joining together and being able to build with larger production runs of the Starflow 6537 Starflow QSD Instrument. As China has a strong and growing focus on environmental monitoring with many new projects requiring open channel flowmeters we expect substantial sales of the 6537 Starflow QSD instrument in China in the next five years.

Many of the new environmental monitoring projects are funded by the central government and preference is always given to products which are manufactured locally. This is a further reason to manufacture in China and meet this preference. Unidata maintains close monitoring of the factory output quality through the processes within our ISO9000 Quality Management System, which remains accredited by external quality auditors throughout the whole process.

Please see photos of Unidata Staff and Lanry staff as well as the Lanry Factory in Dalian China.