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Starflow QSD on long term trial in Fremantle Harbour

Last year we worked with the Fremantle Ports to install two sets of the new Starflow QSD Ultrasonic Doppler SDI-12 Instrument in the Harbour of Fremantle. The Port Hydrographer has allowed the installation as a long term test for Unidata.

Fremantle ports has much more expensive equipment monitoring the main port area, however Starflow QSD can do reasonable measurements in this environment and at a substantially lower price point for other areas of interest. They can also log on via Neon to observe the collected depth and velocity data at a bridge site where there are high tidal velocities and this is a good observation point for them.

Starflow QSD Ultrasonic Doppler SDI-12 Instrument

The system has been maintained recently and despite the use of anti-foul coating on the instruments and housings, there has been significant bio foul growth on the system. While this is a challenge when we maintain the system it does indicate a healthy water environment within the harbour, and that is a good thing. As the measurement system is ultrasonic, the additional bio foul on the instruments does not affect their operation. We also have other long term trial sites for Starflow QSD in New Zealand and also in the UK.

Starflow QSD SDI-12 Instrument
unidata starflow qsd

Quality Enclosures Protect Valuable Equipment

Our customer the City of Joondalup has recently brought back one of their systems to Unidata for refurbishment. Please note the significant corrosion, caused by long exposure to brackish water, in a sump monitoring project for the city.

The City of Joondalup

The City of Joondalup has a very forward thinking approach to remote monitoring and has recently started a new IoT (Internet of Things) project, to monitor many systems within the area, including lighting and parking assets. This is often called a smart city approach.

Unidata has worked with the City of Joondalup for several years and we were happy to refurbish this system for them. Note how the enclosure is very corroded, but the equipment inside was not damaged. Replacing the enclosure was relatively inexpensive. Now the system can be set to work again in the field for another few years. Please also see the new enclosure ready to go back out in the field.

Unidata Quality Enclosures

Unidata Staff Profile: Elena O’Neil

Elena is married and has two grown up children. Elena is a Fremantle girl of Italian heritage.

Elena looks after all things administration and finance here at Unidata. Elena is the person you speak to first when calling Unidata, so you know her already.
Elena assists with sales by preparing quotations and product and pricing information to customers. Elena is also our HSEQ Manager. Elena has been with Unidata for just over 17 years and the company runs very efficiently under Elena’s guidance. We also never cross Elena because she may simply forget to pay us next week. That has never happened by the way, but it could if we are not careful.

Elena is married and has two grown up children. Elena is a Fremantle girl of Italian heritage. She lives close to the Unidata Factory and is an active bush walker and occasional bike rider in the beautiful Bibra Lake nature reserve. Last year Elena travelled back to her parents’ hometown in Italy and used her Italian which, although rusty, still remains quite good.

Elena is also what we call a Fremantle Dockers tragic. There is considerable football banter at work with Clint who remains a strong West Coast Eagles supporter.

We rely a lot on Elena, she is such an important part of our life here at Unidata, and we thank her for continuing to look after all of us and put up with us.