Unidata New Partners

Unidata’s new partner in Germany–Testem GmbH

An old friend from years ago has come back to Unidata. Testem has now started working with Unidata again after several years. Testem is based in Munich, in beautiful Bavaria. They are working with Unidata for weather and hydrological applications and are they are technically very competent in Unidata product range.

Testem recently attended and exhibited Unidata products at the large World WideWeather and Metrological exhibition in Amsterdam late last year. Please see photos of their stand and the Testem staff. Please contact Rudolf Beck and his staff at Testem GmbH, contact details are listed on their website https://testem.de/en/

Unidata’s new partner in Darwin–Territory Instruments

Over the last year Unidata has been working with a new partner, Territory Instruments based in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. Territory Instruments is a long established and respected local company. They are very experienced in the industrial measurement and environmental monitoring business. The Project Manager is Rob Priest and he is supported by his Director Stuart Kenny. Territory Instruments has very good instrumentation service and an accredited calibration laboratory to ensure instruments can be calibrated in the Territory, without the need to be sent to southern capital cities for such services.

Unidata’s Engineer, Clint Barnes has visited Territory Instruments to train their staff and we have installed some trial sites for evaluation by customers. We have been doing technical trials for systems which utilise dual communications path technology, essential in areas where there are large river flows which can wash away cell towers in the high flood events. Having dual communication path technology (cell phone and satellite) is very important in the Northern Territory.

Unidata has been working with Territory Instruments and several industrial customers as well as government agencies on emerging projects and we expect that activity will increase over the coming year. Unidata partnered with the Territory Instruments at the Industrial Instrumentation and Control Automation Exhibition in Darwin in June, along with Honeywell, another one of Territory Instruments Industrial partners. Please contact Territory Instruments for any environmental monitoring or industrial measurement equipment and services you may need at http://territoryinstruments.com/

Network diversity–Dual/Tertiary Communications Paths with the 3008 NRL

The new 3008 Neon Remote Logger (NRL) makes it much easier to set up and use dual communications paths and to add what the telecommunications industry calls a network diversity feature. This example is a system using the 3008 cell phone based system with an Inmarsat Satellite backup communications path.

The 3008 NRL also has dual SIM card slots, so you can equip it with SIM cards from different cell phone companies, thereby making the cell phone communications more robust, if one carrier fails then you can revert to a secondary carrier. Primary and secondary and tertiary communications paths can be set, for example, priority 1 cell phone using SIM 1, priority 2 cell phone comms using SIM 2 and priority 3 using Ethernet / Satellite comms.

Every time the NRL attempts to communicate it chooses the highest priority path in the order 1, 2 and 3. This is very useful if you are using, for example, the more expensive Inmarsat BGAN system as a backup because at every communications interval the NRL will choose the highest priority path / the least expensive path, so there is no need to do any manual intervention to discontinue using the more expensive satellite communications path, rather the system does this automatically.

The new 3008 NRL also has a local LCD display to allow this to be set up and checked on site.