Full Neon Remote Logger Range

Unidata Neon Remote Logger Test

Full Neon Remote Logger Range

Unidata released the 3016 Neon Remote Logger recently, which has 16 hi res analog inputs. We are now releasing the full set of Neon Remote Logger models. We now have a 3008 Neon Remote Logger with 8 hi res analog inputs and an LCD display and a 3004 Neon Remote Logger with 4 standard resolution analog inputs and an optional LCD display.

These new Neon Remote Loggers are Unidata’s next generation of products and they will gradually take over from the current Neon Remote Terminals.
We are not planning to obsolete the current range for some time though. The new range has some significant additional features, while also maintaining compatibility with our existing Neon Remote Terminals and our Starlogger and Prologger range of stand-alone data loggers.

The new Neon Remote Loggers can be used in a Prologger / Starlogger mode OR in Neon Remote Logger mode. They all have new Ferrite Ram and Flash Ram and an inbuilt 10 year battery backed up real time clock on board.

The 3016 Neon Remote Logger NRL is self-contained data logger/rtu with 16 high resolution analog channels

This feature allows them to be programmed with a scheme at the factory and set to work immediately in the field. They can also be reprogramed in the field with a scheme using Starlog 4, so they do not need to communicate with the Neon Server to obtain the scheme after a power failure.

They store all the critical variables in Ferrite Ram, a new special memory technology which is non-volatile, allowing the logger to wake up and start working from where it left off, but with the correct time from the battery backed up real time clock. There are also several new interface and memory storage options and direct Ethernet interfaces, as well as dual SIM card slots and least cost routing algorithms, for auto failover to satellite in the event of cell phone coverage being lost.

There is a companion Satellite Modem Interface unit, primarily for the GlobalStar modem option, and other satellite modem options as they become available.

The full range of the Neon Remote Loggers is due for release / ready for shipment on July 1. They are currently in the final process of manufacture, and are now being certified for compliance at our external compliance test laboratory. We have brochures available on request, and the brochures shall be on our website soon.

The 3008 Neon Remote Logger NRL is self-contained data logger/rtu with 8 high resolution analog channel

Neon Remote Logger Test Facility

We have been working on our new range of Neon Remote Loggers for quite a while. We have also had them under test for a long time on a test setup, and we thought we would show you.
There are 8 loggers set up, based on various releases of prototype models and they are all communicating to our Neon Server at different rates and different communications methods. We also have two units in the test setup we have at the rear of our factory.

Long term tests are very important before such a product release hence most of these units have been operating in this test mode for 18 months already. New products will always have teething problems, and with our long term tests, we believe we have significantly reduced the chance of these teething problems. We also have the facility to update the internal firmware over the air/ over the communications link. This is a must for modern embedded processor machines, same as your phone, television, and soon your fridge and dishwasher.

The 3004 Neon Remote Logger NRL is small self-contained data logger