Datalogger Systems

Software like Datalogger configuration/set up software Starlog V4, Neon server based software and accessories e.g. batteries, solar panels and solar controllers are essential part of reliable datalogger system.

Starlog V4 is a Windows-based application which allows customers to manage all of the Unidata range of dataloggers, Neon Remote Terminals and Instruments. This software allows fast and easy point and click configuration/setup of the schemes/programs within the Unidata range of dataloggers, Neon Remote Terminals and instruments.

The Neon Server Applications software is the server-based suite of software that is part of an overall Neon system. This suite of software provides centralised data capture and management for remote field based Neon data loggers and RTU units.

The solar powered system enables the long-term use of 12V sealed lead acid batteries in the field without the need for recharging from the mains. The entire system is designed to be maintenance free once installed.
Solar powered system consists of solar panel 6904 range, sealed lead acid battery 6907B range and 12V 10A solar controller model 6912.

Datalogger Software and Accessories