Starflow LCD Display Unit

Model 6526C-LCD

  • Overview

    The Starflow Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Module interfaces with the Model 6526 Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler Instrument. It displays the values obtained from the most recent scan.

    The Starflow’s scheme defines which parameters will be displayed. For example, one of the supplied schemes displays water temperature, battery supply voltage, totalised flow and logging status.
    The 6526LCD-C is packaged in a compact weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure, fitted with pre-wired SQL type connectors. These connectors enable direct connection to an instrument, and computer/external power supply (using a 6603D-SDI cable).

    The SQL connections are designed to be ‘pass through’ so that the computer can connect to the instrument without disconnecting the power or display.

    The display module power supply can be wired to a user-installed switch so that it can be switched on only when necessary. The module display is refreshed every scan (normally 15 seconds with a Starflow or 60 seconds with a DWLR) and will display a test message when power is applied until a message from the instrument is received. Pressing the button on the front panel resets the display.

  • Specifications

    Dimensions (HxWxD): 115 x 105 x 55mm
    Display Format: 4 lines x 16 characters
    LCD Type: Supertwist (STN), yellow-green. no backlight
    Optimum Viewing: 6 o’clock
    Power Supply: 8 to 18 VDC @ 20mA
    Operating Temp: 0° to 50°C
    Storage Temp: -10° to 60°C
    Connectors: Type II Connectors SQL 7 pin connectors
    1 x male PC connection
    1 x female Starflow connection
    Serial Signal: HSIO Standard Synchronous Protocol – RS232 also available
    Serial Protocol: ASCII text with special commands for formatting

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  • Documents

    6526 Starflow HSIO LCD Display

    Unidata Product Manual: 6526 LCD Display Module Manual

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