Starflow Mounting Kits

Models 6526M-2, 6705A, 6705B, 6705D,6705F

  • Overview

    Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Model 6526M-2
    Mounting clamp to secure a Starflow instrument into a channel or a pipe. The bracket saddle locks the instrument into its correct position and alignment.

    Expanding Band Kit Model 6705
    The Model 6705 Expanding Band kit allows you to install a Starflow instrument in a pipe. The design is modular, allowing it to fit into any size pipe. The band is flexible enough to fit irregular shapes such as ovoid sections. All components are made from stainless steel and the band fittings are 100mm wide to match the 6526M Mounting Bracket.

  • Specifications

    Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Model 6526M-2
    Material: 316 stainless steel
    Dimensions (WxL): 100mm x 110mm
    Securing screws: 4 x M4 x 12 Machine screws
    Securing nuts: 4 x M4 Nylock
    Mounting holes: 4 x M4

    Expanding Band Kit Model 6705
    Material: 316 stainless steel
    0.5 kg Model 6705A
    0.6 kg Model 6705B
    1.2 kg Model 6705D
    0.2 kg Model 6705F

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  • Documents

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    Unidata Manual – 6526 Starflow User Manual

    Application Notes
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water monitoring starflow bracket 6526M-2
water monitoring starflow expanding band 6705D
water monitoring starflow expanding clamps 6705A and 6705B