Neon GPS Receiver Module

Model 2501B

  • Overview

    The 2501B Neon GPS Receiver Module is a GPS Receiver with a dedicated interface to the Neon Remote Terminal/Module family of products.
    The 2501B Neon GPS Receiver Module receives standard NMEA GPS data streams and puts those data streams into registers that can be read by Neon Remote Terminals and
    Modules. The Neon Remote Terminals and Modules can be programmed to routinely or on demand obtain the current latitude and longitude and send this position data to the Neon Server. The system supports Geo Fencing, where the system can alarm when the unit is brought within a specified distance from a location, for example 500 meters from a depot or pumping station.
    The Neon Server presents the position data overlaid on a Google maps interface if required, as well as displaying various options for tracking history and tracking of different specified groups.
    The connected Neon Remote Terminal or Module records the latitude and longitude as required by the logging scheme and schedule so the position can be logged in the same way as normal logged data. Hence the position logging is maintained even when there is no cell phone or satellite phone coverage. Neon Remote Terminal or Module have digital inputs and outputs and available for input or output of tracking status information or operational information. As an example an input could be connected to a distress button, a disable button, a battery status or vehicle status input. As an example, an output could be connected to a warning light or siren.

  • Specifications

    External Power: 6V to 24V DC input 60mA
    Interface: RS485 RTU Protocol, 9600 baud max
    Material: Aluminium / Polycarbonate
    Antenna Size: 50mm x 10mm (Dia x H)
    Module Size: 80mm x 50mm x 35mm (WxDxH)
    Weight: 0.1kg
    Operating Temperature: -20C to 60C Not affected by humidity
    GPS Antenna: Active Patch Antenna

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    2501BNeon GPS Receiver Module

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  • Documents

    2501B Neon GPS Receiver
    2302A Neon Server Application Software


    Application Notes
    Remote Operations Work Flow
    Vehicle/Asset Tracking

Neon GPS Receiver