Field Termination Strips

Models 6103E, 7100E

  • Overview

    A Field Termination Strip (FTS) is normally added to a data logger to simplify instrument connection and to identify one logging site from another.

    The FTS extends a data logger’s signal connections to a row of numbered screw terminals. These terminals, mounted on a printed circuit board, make it easy to connect/disconnect instruments to/from the Logger on site. An FTS is a welcome option when logging projects use more than one instrument.

    The FTS provides mounting facilities for reference resistors and additional signal filtering and conditioning components.

    To record different types of input signals, signal attenuation and amplification options are available for the Starlog dataloggers.

    Our selection includes Signal Amplifiers, Special Interfaces, Voltage Dividers, Current Loop References, other Special Purpose Modules and Precision Reference Resistors.

    Signal conditioning equipment is typically soldered onto a Field Termination Strip becoming part of the on-site installation.

    The FTS is available with a steel frame (Model 6103M-L) which is designed to fit within the Model 6701B Weatherproof Enclosure.
    The FTS mounts onto the steel frame with hinged clips, allowing it to be swung clear of the frame for on-site installation and wiring maintenance.


    • More links for signal conditioning and custom configuration
    • More terminals for scan synchronised power, continuous micropower and continuous external power
    • Built-in facility to add special purpose modules
    • An extra three terminals for custom use
    • An analog ground for all channels

    To accommodate these features, the PCB has links on both sides.

  • Specifications

    Comparison of Features

    Analog inputs8 (8 or 10 bit)16 (16-bit)
    Counter inputs44
    Serial I/O2 (16 channels)2 (16 channels)
    External power12VDC12VDC
    Connector25-pin D plug37-pin D plug

  • Ordering Information

    ModelDescriptionUsed With
    6103EStarlogger Field Termination StripStarlogger 6004D
    7100EPrologger Field Termination StripPrologger 7001D
    6103M-LMounting FrameAll starlog loggers

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  • Documents

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    Unidata Manual – 6103E Starlogger FTS and IO Modules
    Unidata Manual – 7100E Prologger FTS and IO Modules

    Application Notes
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