Neon BoreHole Telemetry Module

Model 2024F

  • Overview

    The 2024F Neon Borehole Telemetry Module / Datalogger is a small self-contained unit in a tubular housing which connects to downhole sensors in boreholes, collects readings from those sensors, and transmits the collected data to a central server via a cellular telephone network. The 2024F incorporates a goretex membrane to allow for pressure compensation through a waterproof membrane. The Neon central server system is provided on a Neon Data Service basis and on a Neon Client System basis and provides a central computer system to monitor and receive data from many NBHTM units in the field.
    The 2024F NBHTM terminal is designed as a telemetry system for boreholes with diameters of 50mm or greater via 3G /NextG/WCDMA/ and 2G GPRS cellular networks from any location within the cellular network coverage area. NBHTM comes equipped with 2G/3G stub antenna. Several different antenna options are available depending on the geographic area. Fully bi-directional communications are possible via the Neon server. Data can be collected directly and the 2024F NBHTM can be programmed from any internet connection. The 2024F NBHTM supports integrated logging or automated collection of data from another downhole datalogger. Its built-in modem supports packet data. It has long battery life and low operating costs through use of advanced microcontroller technology.
    Supports GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900Mhz and 3G 850/ 900/1900/ 2100 MHz.

  • Specifications

    Analog Channels: 1 x 12 bit, unipolar, single ended
    Analog Ranges: 0 to 2.50V ± 0.25% (typical)
    Base Memory: 30KB
    Add Memory Option: Yes – 8MB
    Display: No
    SDI-12: Yes, v1.3 recorder, 1200 baud smart instrument channel
    Modbus: Yes, RS485 RTU Protocol, 19200 baud max, Functions 01,02,03,04,05/15,06/16
    Computer Communications: RS-232 level, 300 – 38,400 bps
    Dimensions (LxWxD): 42mm x 400mm (WxL) Stainless Steel Tube

  • Ordering Information

    2024F-AB0-SQLSQL Neon BoreHole Telemetry Module 3G with Stub Antenna
    6807E-2Low Profile 3G Antenna with 1m cable
    6807F-1Whip Multi-Band Super Gain Antenna with 5m cable
    6807G-1Whip Multi band Standard Antenna with 1m cable

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  • Documents


    2024F Neon BoreHole Telemetry Module 3G


    Unidata Manual – 2024F Neon BoreHole Telemetry Module

    Application Notes

    Groundwater BoreHole Monitoring

Neon Bore Hole Telemetry Datalogger
Borehole Remote Datalogger