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  • Overview

    The Starlogger range includes the Standard Starlogger (Model 6004D-1), the Display Starlogger (Model 6004D-2) and the top-of-the-line Prologger (7001D-1).

    Because of their low power consumption, they are particularly well suited to automated data collection in remote and unmanned sites.

    Unidata data loggers are connected to measuring instruments and sensors for data acquisition. A wide range of instruments and sensors is available from Unidata.

    The acquired data can be obtained from the data loggers by connecting a computer directly to the unit or by using a remote telemetry system, or the analogue, GSM and NextG/3G communications networks.

    Configuration Considerations
    To choose the model of the data logger best suited to your data logging project, consider both the duration of the project and the type of measurement instrument that will be used. The table below provides an overview of the features offered by each data logger. Microloggers are only available for OEM and high volume users.

    Note that a number of Unidata’s instruments incorporate a Micrologger. Standard features of the Micrologger are also listed in the table opposite for comparison.

    Memory Table

    *Simple Project: Log raw data of five channels every hour
    **Complex Project: Log raw and average data, five channels every fifteen minutes.
    Project Duration
    Memory Simple* Complex*
    512K 10 years 1.8 years

    Unidata’s Starlog data loggers are used throughout the world in an enormous variety of applications.
    The key features of the STARLOG range are:

    • They are robust.
    • They are easy to install.
    • They require little maintenance.
    • They are simple to use.
    • They are extremely versatile.
  • Specifications

    Analog Channels 8, 10-bit resolution
    unipolar, single-ended
    8, 10-bit resolution unipolar, single-ended 16, 16-bit resolution bipolar / unipolar, single-ended (16), differential (8) 4, 10-bit resolution unipolar, single-ended
    Analog Ranges 0 to 2.55V ±0.1% 0 to 2.55V ±0.1% -5.00V to 5.00V ±0.1%
    -500mV to 500mV ±0.1%
    -50mV to 50mV ±0.2%
    -5mV to 5mV ±0.21%
    0 to 2.50V ±0.1%
    HSIO 2 bi-directional
    8 16-bit channels
    2 bi-directional
    8 16-bit channels
    2 bi-directional
    8 16-bit channels
    1 bi-directional
    4 16-bit channels
    Counter Channels 4 x 16 bit, 20kHz 4 x 16 bit, 20kHz 4 x 16 bit, 20kHz 1 x 16 bit, 20kHz
    Control Outputs 2 2 2 1
    On/Off Inputs 2 2 - 1
    Memory 512kB 512kB 512kB 512kB
    Instrument Voltages 5V regulated 5V regulated 5V regulated
    ±12V, +10V regulated
    5V regulated
    Display No 32 character Alphanumeric 64 character Alphanumeric No
    SDI-12 Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Computer Communications RS-232 level,
    300-38,400 bps
    RS-232 level,
    300-38,400 bps
    RS-232 level,
    300-76,800 bps
    RS-232 level,
    300-76,800 bps

    * available to high volume and OEM customers only

  • Documents

    Brochure – 6004D-1 Red Starlogger
    Brochure – 6004D-2 Blue Starlogger
    Brochure – 7001D Green Prologger
    Brochure – 8010B Unidata OEM Micrologger
    Brochure – 8010B-EUR Unidata Micrologger
    Brochure – 6308B-AUE Starlog 4 Management Software

    Application Notes
    These products can be used in a wide range of applications. Please see a sample of uses in the Application Notes section.

6004D-1 Red Starlogger
6004D-2 Blue Display Starlogger

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